Some Facts About Tiger Airways

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Some Facts About Tiger Airways

Why would Australians fly with Tiger Airways despite knowing some of the risks they might encounter? Who are these people?

- There are several contributing factors as to why people chose to fly with Tiger Airways and cost-effective is being the most contributed. Travellers are among one of the types of consumers in Australia that are highly sensitive to price. Being cost-effective means Tiger Airways can set their regular price that apears irregular even to some low-cost airlines let alone the full-serviced big players. This is the reason why they can attract a lot of passengers that belongs to the price-sensitive segment. For instance, a $50 increase in price for a one-way ticket could potentially make some people to bypass vistting the capital city of New Zealand according to Steven Fitzgerald – Australian Airport Chief Executive*.

As a low-cost airlines, Tiger Airways has to keep its procedures simple and efficient with a limited number of staff. The same staff that processed people for check-in also do the boarding at the gates so it’s vital that these ground staff must finish their check-in procedures and proceed with boarding according to their guidelines*. As a matter of fact, late passengers are likely to be unable to check-in which will results in flight cancellation and potential delays. Tiger Airways however, does offer support to its passengers in these situation by offering them to fly to their destination with the next available flight for an extra fee*.

Safety can be a concern to passengers when considering to travel with low-cost airlines as there is a mindset that low-cost means tight on budget for everything even aircrafts maintenance. Tiger Airways on the other hand, does not compromise their safety for profit as they claimed to have one the youngest fleet among Australian domestic carriers and that they carry regular service on their aircrafts.
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