Some Disadvantages When Conducting Written Examination

Topics: Normal distribution, Education, School examinations Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The world was created balanced.That means if written examination has its advantages,it also has its corresponding disadvantages.First that comes on the list is the cheating incident.Copying the answers of a student's seatmate is very much possible since the same test questionnaires are given and it is done in a manner that the teacher or the proctor won't be able to notice.Sometimes,looking at the notes during examination is even possible since in an examination room, there are many students who will take the examination together.

Students differ in the way they deal with written examinations. Some reviews everything they have learned in the entire day every night so that it won't be so hard for them when written examination is about to occur.Some studies and reviews already upon knowing the schedule of written examination.While others study at the eleventh hour or the night before the examination.And the next that comes on the list of disadvantages is:written examination affects the normal hours of sleep of the students.It usually happens when a student would be studying the night before the examination and he or she would be studying all of the subjects.In that case,he or she would stay up late at night and would sleep at midnight or at dawn,sleep for a few hours and wake up again to study.Even those who have been studying and reviewing days before the written examination would still stay up late at night and wake up early the next day especially if they are very eager to get good marks after the said examination.Thus,the same method of studying repeated for the next written examination might lead into illnesses.
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