Some Definitions of Management by Management Authors

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Like most modern disciplines, contemporary management thought is an evolution of the dynamic process of human communications, experience and learning to which many eminent management authors have contributed.

One such author, Henry Fayol (1841 – 1925), known as the father of modern management, was Europe’s most distinguished management author and the first to develop a general theory of management. He maintained that management is “to forecast and to plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control”. The basis of his theory is that organizational activities can be classified into technical, commercial, financial, security, accounting or managerial activities.

He concentrated on the managerial activities and went on to create the first general theory of management, and identified that the basic principles of management deals with fourteen concepts; 1.Division of work known as specialization where each worker is given a small amount of work at which he becomes the specialist which ultimately leads to better efficiency and maximum output. 2.Authority & Responsibility, the right to command to get the work done for accountability and also to avoid misuse of authority. 3.Discipline implying the respect for rules and regulations to secure obedience 4.Unity of Command to avoid conflicting orders and to ensure order and stability in the organization 5.Unity of Direction to ensure unity and coordination in the organization 6.Subordination of individual to general interests to reconcile individual interests to common interests and to ensure the prevalence of organizational interest over individual interest should there be a conflict between the afore mentioned 7.Remuneration should be just and fair to provide maximum satisfaction to both employer and employee and should also serve to retain employees in service over a period of time 8.Centralization of responsibility and control to verify...
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