Some Countries Have Come to Rely on Tourism as Their Major Source of Income, However, Many People Believe That the Prombles Caused by Tourism Are More Serious Than Those It Has Solved. to What Extent Do You Agree or Diagree with This Opinion?

Topics: Unemployment, Culture, Tourism Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: December 14, 2012
International tourism hit new records in 2011. Obviously, travelling remains very important and popular despite the worldwide economic recession. Many countries, such as France, Italy and Thailand, have come to rely on tourism as their major source of income. At the same time, a lot of people believe that the problems caused by tourism are more serious than those it has solved. However, I think that the benefits of tourism are more influential.

First of all, tourism provides direct employment and brings in money to the economy. In order to deal with the large number of tourists every year, the countries have to improve their public transport system. More shopping malls and hotels are needed to give the tourists enough entertainment and nice accommodation. Therefore they require a lot more labours for those constructions and running the business. People’s living standard improves because the problem of unemployment is alleviated.

Secondly, tourism encourages cultural interaction. We set to know more about other countries’ festivals, cuisines, history and taboos through travelling. It is not only an amusement in leisure time, but an exploration of different cultures as well. For instance, Starbucks was introduced into China and coffee is getting well-liked these years. Confucianism was brought into the European countries and it impressed numerous people.

Some may say tourists can be a source of serious illness transmissions. It is often seen on the news that infected tourists spread diseases. As globalisation is a world trend, nothing can stop countries from interacting with each other since there are international trades, relationships and currency exchanges between countries. Tourism is a vital way for them to keep a good connection. In fact, tourism is closely linked to our daily life. So concerning the transmission of diseases by tourism is kind of helpless. What we need to do is raising people’s awareness of public health.

In conclusion, tourism...
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