Some Contrast Between Public and Private Schools

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some contrast between public and private school.
According to the Webster’s dictionary, private school is defined as a secondary or elementary school, conducted and supported by private individuals rather than government or public agency. On the other hand, public school is defined as an elementary or secondary school in the United States supported by public funds and providing free education for children of a community or district. Some differences between private and public schools are discipline, funding, class size, administrative structure. In a private school, the rules and regulations are clearly laid out. Students should and must abide by the rules; and any breaking of the rules in terms of disrespect, bullying, and bad behavior by any student is dealt with by the school or the school administrative body solely. On the other hand, in public schools, the administrative body does not have such control. The disciplinary process in public school takes time, and frequently is a cumbersome and complicated process. It includes the school, parents, and the school district in which that particularly school is located. This process sometimes discourages some teachers to proceed with disciplinary actions of students. Another difference between private and public school is funding and finances. In a private school, each individual school is fundended by the church, for example, in Catholic Church and other religious entities. Public school on the other hand, funding comes directly from the ‘state, county or district they are located. With this advantage, public schools are built big, with many classrooms, large stadiums, gyms, and big sports field, for hundreds of students. Most private schools are built on small acres of land, and they are limited to many amenities, because of their limited funding and finances.

A third reason is class size, in a private schools, the class size might range from 12-16 students. This allows the teachers to teach effectively and...
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