Some Beneficial Features of the Unix Operating System

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Some Beneficial Features of the UNIX Operating System

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Some Beneficial Features of the UNIX Operating System

Safety issues have always been one of the major aspects of effective operation of human beings and systems invented and implemented by individuals all over the world in different periods of human history. The rise of the personal computer in the market is another potential threat; nowadays this threat comes from the internet through computers and other devices. As stated in the study by Garfinkel, Spafford, and Schwartz (2011), “in today’s world of international networks and electronic commerce, every computer system is a potential target” (p. 3). Computers and servers store information that can be damaged or retrieved by hackers that are not interested in keeping the operating system safe and sound. As such, the UNIX operating system can be considered one of the safest for your network activities with a minimum threat to your operating system and the computer in general. Benefits of the UNIX Operating System

There are many benefits of the UNIX operating system when viewed independently or in comparison with other operating systems. It is natural that UNIX has supporters and those who oppose the use and benefits of this OS. Nevertheless, everything depends on the purposes for which the operating system is installed and the activities for which it operates. In other words, the scope of commands makes UNIX one of the cheapest and compatible operating systems on the market (Afzal, 2008). With the option of being installed on any type of hardware regardless of the brand and price, UNIX is a viable option for any information technology professional. In addition, it is important to mention that UNIX became the basis for other operating systems generally referred to as the UNIX-like ones as they use UNIX codes and are rather competitive compared to non-UNIX-like systems (Afzal, 2008). Simplicity and Origins

The UNIX operating system became one of the first attempts of the information technology age to make the computer popular among average users. The contribution was made in the form of this beneficial operating system that helps people all over the world get access to the internet and surf the web for hours without being under threat of getting a virus or damage to software. It is simple and user-friendly compared to other operating systems. One of the examples of simplicity in UNIX is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), “an Internet standard for transferring electronic mail between computers [implemented by UNIX] with programs or systems called Message Transfer Agents” (Garfinkel, Spafford, and Schwartz, 2011, p. 347). The overall simplicity of the UNIX operating system can be traced in all its utility programs and other supportive agents that help the system to operate effectively without application of complicated schemes and codes. In other words, the simplicity of the system makes it attractive for programmers and people working with codes and programs to be written (Afzal, 2008). So, simplicity, toolbox, democratic approach, flexibility and stability, as well as virtual memory and cheap hardware are the basis for making this operating system an attractive solution for people that need a good and reliable OS for their personal or professional purposes. Open Standards and Portability

The open standards and cross-platform portability of the UNIX operating system is another great beneficial feature of this operating system. As stated in the study by Liu, Yue, and Guo (2011), “since most of the networking protocols were initially implemented on UNIX and most of the Internet services are provided by server processes running on the UNIX operating system, UNIX has a fundamental and profound influence on computer networking” (p. 316). The impact of UNIX on the development of other operating systems and the overall progress of information technology...
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