Some Argue That There Is More Evidence of Othello Being an Instrument of Iago’s Actions Than Evidence for Him Being a Fatally Flawed Character. Consider the Evidence for This with Particular Reference to Act 1 and Write Your Reactions to It.

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Some argue that there is more evidence of Othello being an instrument of Iago’s actions than evidence for him being a fatally flawed character. Consider the evidence for this with particular reference to Act 1 and write your reactions to it.

There are many theories as to what is Othello’s fatal flaw. Some argue that this is his insecurity in himself due to being older than Desdemona and the colour of his skin, others debate that his fatal flaw is his inability to fully understand emotion and that he himself is the flaw. Othello seems to remain at a distant from the most important events that directly affect him and because of this he gives himself a sense of ignorance that could ultimately play a vital part in his downfall. However, this ignorance gives Iago many opportunities to manipulate and use Othello. Iago tries his hardest to influence every move that Othello makes and manages to succeed. Iago uses him as a front man to voice his own views and set his own plans into motion, he successfully dictates Othello’s most vital moves. There is evidence in the play which supports both Othello being a fatally flawed character and him being an instrument of Iago’s actions.

The beginning of the play begins in darkness (as does the opening of Hamlet) supplying an eerie and unsteady atmosphere. During Act 1, scene 1, Iago admits to Roderigo that his apparently loyal attitude is not as it seems and that he is only serving Othello to further himself, “throwing but shows of service on their lords, Do well thrive by them and when they have lined their coats do themselves homage” this instantly suggests that Iago will use Othello’s trust in him to his own advantage and possibly foreshadows the vicious way in which he sabotages Othello’s relationship with Desdemona, the way in which Othello’s thoughts are manipulated and his insecurities play upon by Iago. Whilst Iago and Roderigo speak of Othello, they refer to him not by his name but as “thick lips”. They have picked...
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