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Statement Of Purpose
I am Somaya Basfar. I was born in Taif, Saudi Arabia. I was raised and educated in the place that I was born. My personal interests cover hobbies like reading, jogging, and doing makeup. I have always participated in extracurricular activities involving contests. I like to socialize with others and get to know people from other cultures to enrich my experience and improve my relationships with all people around me. My educational achievement has always been within the percent range of 80s and 90s.The subject that I usually enjoy and to which I pay more attention is math. I enjoy the challenge of a problem to solve , and I am surrounded with multidimensional problems, social, political, religious, psychological and academic. Business became one of my most important interests since I graduated from high school. Also, I have always aspired to own my own business perhaps in clothing or cosmetics, so I decided to complete my studies in business. I graduated from university of Taif in 2011 with a GPA of 2,90 from 4. I studied such courses as Business Communication, Standard Economics of Financing, Statistics Business, Fundamentals of Management, did research before graduation and also received training. Research and training there is two-part graduation research, and the other part is working as an intern at one of the institutions. I was lucky because I managed to train in a school which teaches English. I worked at the Berlitz School as an administrative assistant. Among the tasks that occupied me in this business were to do the accounting, coordinate some of the meetings, arrange educational certificates for students, and communicate with them to attend and to receive their certificates. During my university studies in Business, I participated in the university student activities related to the field of Business Administration to widen my skills, and also I took a number of English language...
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