Somatoform Disorders

Topics: Somatization disorder, Hypochondriasis, Somatoform disorders Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: August 1, 2012
Jillian Kaman
October 27, 2011
Writing Assignment 6
Gregory Bovasso

Somatoform Disorders

Somatoform disorders and dissociative disorders are issues that look like medical problems but are actually psychosocially induced. Somatoform disorders are psychological issues being shown mostly as a physical problem. When asked to compare and contrast a few of the main Somatoform disorders I can strongly say that what I found in my studies was quite interesting. In a few short paragraphs below I will compare and contrast Somatization, Conversion, Hypochondriasis, Malingering and Factitious disorders. I will also describe how I would be able to tell by the information I learned if a patient suffered from one of these disorders.

The first two disorders I will explain will be Somatization verses Conversion. I found that with these two disorders there are only a few similarities but extreme differences. In both Somatization and Conversion each patient has physical complaints with large psychosocial causes as they believe there problems are truly medical. Both of these disorders also are strongly associated with psychological factors. A few differences I found where that in Somatization there are many long lasting physical aliments that have little or no organic basis. These patients most of the time have real pain symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, sexual symptoms, and neurological symptoms. These patients most of the time travel from doctor to doctor explaining symptoms in a very dramatic effect in order to find some sort of relief as they feel very depressed most of the time. With Conversion disorder these issues tend to be quite different as these patients transfer conflict into dramatic physical symptoms that can affect their voluntary motor or sensory functions. These patients have sudden onsets during stressful times and symptoms can last for a few weeks, unlike somatization that lasts for years. I believe that it would be much easier to tell if a person...
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