Topics: Somalia, Failed state, Mogadishu Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: February 25, 2013
“Mogadishu in Somalia is a city where brutal fighting is the norm" (CNN). The first sentence of the article called "Somalia battles measure success in meters" written by Jane Ferguson for CNN news clearly introduce into the current situation of Somalia located in the Horn of Africa. Somalia is now divided into six parts but just only the Republic of Somalia is controlled by the transactional government. In other words, Somalia doesn’t have national government. Also, Somalia is one of the failed states and one of the hottest regions in which people are starving while the pirates are occupying foreign ships. The echo of the gunshots just proves that something bad is going on in Somalia.

The current conflict in Somalia can be called civil war because of the internal conflict in the country. The local army and soldiers from the African Union peacekeeping mission AMISOM are battling to contain Islamist insurgency group known as Al-Shabaab linked with group al Qaeda which control most of the southern and central parts of Somalia. The ongoing war in Somalia is not a new armed conflict in the world but every day new sallies and conflicts in Somalia reach the outside world. The main idea and purpose of this conflict is to send the Al-Shabaab out of Mogadishu city and Somalia. “AMISOM forces will move that we can continue pushing these people out, flushing them out of the near region” (CNN). According to the article "Somalia battles measure success in meters" the USA does not want to be included in this conflict “The United States does not plan, does not direct, and does not coordinate the military operations and we have not and will not be providing direct support for any potential military offensives. There is no desire to Americanize the conflict in Somalia“( Johnnie Carson, assistant secretary of state for Africa). In other words, the army of Somalia does not have strong foreign backers which could help in the war. One more of the main factors of the...
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