Somali People and Djibouti

Topics: Somalia, Africa, African Union Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Djibouti, a small 9000 square miles Horn of Africa (HOA) enclave located at the convergence of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, is strategically important to the U. S. Foreign policy. All instruments of U.S National Power – diplomacy, information, military and economic – are exercised as part of a deliberate and sustained ‘whole of government’ approach. The U. S. Ambassador to Djibouti, the Honorable Geeta Pasi, leads a State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Team in enabling U. S. Strategic policy vision in HOA, while enabling and collaborating with Djibouti in strengthening government, social, economic and international capabilities. Djibouti affects U.S Foreign policy in three major areas: Djibouti’s geographical location and shipping port capabilities; support for U.S Foreign Policy vision in the HOA region; support for U.S. Military operations. Djibouti’s geographical location and deep harbor port provides a strategic and economic advantage over bordering countries of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, by supporting international shipping and trade. Landlocked Ethiopia, the major political and economic African Union influence in the region, depends uniquely on Djibouti’s port and modern road infrastructure system (courtesy of the European Union) to receive and deliver goods internationally. The good relations between Djibouti City and Addis Ababa enable stability in the region, supporting U.S Foreign policy. Additionally, Djibouti’s location and stable government neighboring the unpredictable and radically prone countries of Eritrea, Somalia and Yemen (across the 18-mile straight) enables U. S. State Department efforts to limit the spread of state sponsored terrorism. Furthermore, Djibouti is the linchpin in the Department of State (DoS) and Department of Defense (DoD) civil-military regional efforts to strengthen institutional capabilities of East African militaries in order to promote security and stability throughout the Horn...
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