Solvong the Education Equation

Topics: Education, Social class, Education in the United States Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Josh Irish
English 101
6 March, 2013
Solving the Education Equation
​The myth of education in America works like a broken function box; what we are putting in is not coming out complete, thus leaving an unsolved equation. This unsolved equation is the education system in America, which continuously crams numbers into the function, without yielding any results. This myth America has constructed has been debated by many, benefited few, and has encompassed us all. It was created by the culmination of false goals by a system that does not cater to society as a whole or been proven successful. The original mission statements of public education in a democracy set out by Horace Mann were to “Equalize all conditions of men, in order to balance the wheel of the social machinery” (Mann 116). I believe that the America’s current public education system is not fulfilling these goals set for all citizens of this nation. ​There are numerous projected goals of American education that have been set out, in writing, by the trusted officials of America’s government. These goals are aimed at creating a thriving society occupied by well rounded individual citizens. In Horace Mann’s address to the Massachusetts board of education he states, “It may be safely affirmed that the common school, improved and energized as it can easily be, may become the most effective and benignant of all forces of civilization” (Mann 117). Mann was suggesting that education can be very adaptable, suiting all facets of society to be the sole beneficiary creating good citizens. I believe that his vision was and is still true if America follows his advice, creating a system more adaptable around its constituents. I believe the main goals of education in a democracy should include individual empowerment, creating honest citizens, equal opportunity for success, and political knowledge of your government. In regards to political knowledge, Michael Moore in idiot nation states, “A nation that goes out of...
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