Solving Problems with Arabic Translation

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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The original in solving any problem is to stand at the Root of the problem so we can avoid them gradually. Many suffered during training and study of inefficiency notes taken during the lectures; sometimes the notes are uncorrelated and incomprehensible! Trainee would not be able to benefit from these notes during training and also when you go into the field of work when return to it. The solution is time and effort! We must know what is wrong in what we are doing and then work to avoid this disadvantage. Any ordered elaborately needs time and effort to show satisfactory outcome. I think trainee must read the topic to be the subject before the lesson so that it can be mastered speech teacher and having the general picture of the subject, there is no difficult matter. The second thing notation made in the form of points. May be there are some point we don’t think it’s important at time of lecture but after that may discover that is the key data to understand, so no think well ignore to note it. At the end of the lesson and before attending the next lesson should the trainee read the notes that have been recorded and read the lesson from another source book or binding and after working for new summary covers resources and be coherent information and sequential so that it can benefit from them, even in the post. And is important is when you face difficulty in understanding certain point, the trainee should asks about it the teacher and not to accumulate these Unclear points it will hinder understanding lectures. To succeed it must be given all the material takes the trainee an adequate time, and ordered important that student writes his notes and audited; but the most important thing is to attend all the lectures so there does not become a missing link in the mind of the trainee and difficult then absorb the following lessons.

ان الاصل في حل اي مشكلة هو الوقوف على رأس المشكلة ذاتها حتى نتمكن من تفاديها ولو بالتدريج. الكثير يعاني اثناء التدريب والدراسة من عدم...
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