Solving Moral Problems

Topics: Employment, Want, Decision making Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: June 16, 2011
Solving Moral Problems
In making any kind of business decision being good or bad is always not an easy task for any of the management team. Our company has grown and has had its pitfall in all area of this business. Nevertheless, in the mist of it all we have made it through. However, we have some tuff decisions we must make ahead of us that will continue in our success and moving forward in these economical times. Despite our recent growth in the company, we have to scale back on our work force. This change would not take effect for another 6 months, but we want to give all our staff the heads up as to what some may have to expect. In analyzing, the content of who goes and who stays will be examine very carefully, and this would be based on a array of things. Time with the company your own business ethics and stand on working with others. We are aware that some have just recently obtained employment, but carry an invaluable skill with them that may be beneficial to the companies’ future. When we as leaders, managers are face with such decisions. Those affected by this cut back would receive severance pay for their service and for those who just got hired with no years of service they would receive the opportunity to receive some unemployment benefits for 6 months. Again this is not an easy thing for us having to let anyone of our employees go we have put much work into hiring you and have spent money in putting you on our payroll. However, this does not make this situation any easier we hired you to do a job unfortunately our business changed with the recent down fall in the economy. This is by no means any reflection on your personal moral responsibility in doing your job correctly or efficiently.

We have also set aside for those who would be interested to obtain some personal counseling. This is for those who would need to talk to someone other than family member or friends. We have found through pass experience that this would be a good...
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