Solvency Upon Pause in the Presentation

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Solvency upon Pause in the Presentation
Riqqotul Lum'aa
English Department 2011 Faculty of Culture Studies, Universitas Brawijaya

Annisa Thahrina Sari
English Department 2011 Faculty of Culture Studies, Universitas Brawijaya

Presentation is a communication skill which is handled by two till five students in the class with particular topic. It is the one of good technique in teaching and drilled student’s ability. In presentation student try to understand the material and explain that material to their friends. So students are not only sitting in the class and absorb the science from their teacher, but they are also sharing their knowledge to their friends. Based on "Assessing the Perceptions and Difficulties of Students at Faculty of Economics and Business in Making ESP Presentations" by Ive Emaliana, a presentation is an oral communication skill that is carried out by a group of four or five students in front of their classmates on particular topics. According to Bierley and Adams (2009), it is one of the most popular techniques in teaching and learning English for Specific Purpose (ESP).

So far, presentation is really helpful method to explore knowledge to the students. In old method, we found that only teachers giving their student knowledge, they explain all of the material. The students are passive, and they only receive what their teachers taught to them. Now days, almost lecturers in the University are interesting to ask their student to do presentations. Although presentation is like something that always consumed by students, talking in front of class is not easy for them, there are still some problems in delivering presentations such as; nervous, memorizing the presentation contents, Lack of time to rehearse, lack of concentration and difficulties

with grammar and vocabularies. These problems make some pauses in the presentations. According to Peter Reitzes, MA CCC-SLP on "Pausing: Reducing the Frequency of Stuttering", pausing is a rate control speaking strategy which may significantly reduce the frequency of stuttering. While traditional fluency shaping approaches focus on within-word rate controls such as elongating vowel segments or slowing the onset of voicing, pausing focuses on reducing the between-word rate of speech without prolonging or altering articulation. In this journal is also said that during pausing, the speaker is silently pantomime (recreate in a silent manner) the stutter. After pausing, the speaker repeats the stuttered word in a more forward moving and less struggled fashion. Accordingly, research questions pauses in the presentations are formulated as follow: 1. What Difficulties that you find in delivering presentations? 2. What makes you pauses in the presentations?

Research Method Participant: The participants are English education students in third semester, faculty of culture studies, Universitas Brawijaya. We choose them because we are in the same major, and most of the material we have forced us to do the presentations. Procedure: Questionnaire was a good way to do research, by giving questionnaire it would be easy to collect the statistical data. Ive Emaliana said in Assessing the Perceptions and Difficulties of Students at Faculty of Economics and Business in Making ESP Presentations “In the present study, the questionnaires were aimed to collect statistical data to answer the two research questions”. It delivered to 37 students and finally has been analyzed and qualified. The questionnaires were about

what difficulties that you find in delivering the Presentations and what makes you pauses in the presentations?

Result and Discussion 1. Difficulties in delivering presentations Percentage of Presentation The first question is about the percentage of presentation that the participants have in this semester. The result was surprised because most of them have the presentation in each material they took....
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