Solve a Problem Paper

Topics: Diesel engine, Internal combustion engine, Cable Pages: 3 (1187 words) Published: August 12, 2012
Solve a Problem Paper
The creative process uses four steps to solve a problem. They are searching for challenges, identifying the problem, investigating it and finding solutions for the problem. My personal challenge has been with the wiring harness for the glow plug system and starting system on my GM diesel truck. I had to wonder why GM routed the wire harnesses in such a way as to be exposed to the most heat which will eventually destroy the wires and their protective covering. Since I am in the process of installing a rebuilt engine in the truck I decided to see if I could repair the wiring harnesses and if there was a possible better way to route them. So I could alleviate the electrical problems I have had with this truck specific to this area. I have had other problems with this truck that I have done upgrades on or improvements which turned out very well so I felt confident I could solve and improve on what GM did. The problem is this is on the right hand side of the engine where the exhaust driven turbo charger is located. The location of the wire harnesses is a couple inches away from the two exhaust pipes and the special oversize exhaust manifold which the turbo mounts too. The heat from all this seems to causes the glow plug wiring system to become inoperative and makes the truck hard to start. This will cause the glow plugs not to operate because the wires feeding them electricity to operate are heat damaged which builds up resistance and low voltage to the glow plugs. Glow plugs need maximum voltage to heat up and aid in cold starting of diesel engines. Similarly when the wires going to the starter solenoid and solenoid are damaged in the same way the starter won’t operate and the truck will not start. These are some of the problems I have experienced with this truck that I am concentrating on fixing at this time. After studying the situation the factory location routes the wiring harnesses between the cylinder head and the firewall on the...
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