Solvay Group: International Mobility and Managing Expatriates

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To:International Management Spring 2012
From:Milton L Cofield, Ph.D.
Date: January 27, 2012
Re:Solvay Group: International Mobility and Managing Expatriates 1. Complete a graph showing some of the worldwide key locations for production and sales of each of the companies listed as competitors to Solvay. Use the attached diagram or create your own. (10pts). 2. Estimate the global market size and the market share of Solvay and each of its competitors in the three key areas of Solvay’s business. Note in this estimation that some of the businesses are complex and you may have to make a choice about the industry sector they are in. You will need to cite a source or a method that you used to obtain your total market size(15points) 3. Interpret and critically analyze Exhibit 6b. (10pts).

4. Provide a strengths and weakness assessment of the HR policies and procedures that Solvay uses to prepare managers for expatriation? (10pts). Do the strengths support the strategic goals that Solvay has for its businesses and are the weaknesses you identify being addressed? (6pts). 5. Provide a recommendation for each of the staffing situations that are on Marcel Laurent’s desk. Give a synopsis of the key issues that your recommendation seeks to address for each of the manager’s under consideration. What are the key risks of your recommendations and what approach do you suggest for monitoring those? (40pts – 10pts per each manager assessment) Organize your information in such as way as to provide an easy method of understanding the rationale for your decision, identifying the issues, and understanding the risk issues and your approach to their assessment.

Place the dots over the countries in which your company operates. Include a maximum of 15 locations if your company has that many.

Move the dots over the countries on the map. Make more if you need to.
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