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Solvay Strengths

Solvay has a human resources manager, Marcel Lorent who was specifically hired for International Mobility. Under Lorent is a group whose job it is to assist each and every expat in any way possible. Over the years, this group has made many changes to the expat process in order to make it smoother and more consistent throughout. The company’s culture was built on agreement. Everyone’s opinions are heard, shared, and taken into consideration. The group’s strategy concentrated on consistency. Lorent’s two main goals are to improve the international mobility process and make the transition as smooth as possible. Solvay viewed innovation as the main source for expanding and competing. Most of Solvay’s faculty comes from internal employee transfers and promotions. This is beneficial because they already understand the company’s culture which allows for a more fluent and efficient adjustment period throughout different branches and promotions. The bosses would make employees feel valued because they would make persuasive arguments for their employees if the employees wished to remain at the same job. Solvay has a very low turnover, which means the employees are happy with their job. In addition to agreement-driven, Solvay’s culture is also based strongly on relationships. Lorent makes time for his employees and builds close informal relationships with them by meeting with each management position for a face to face meeting once or twice a year. Solvay’s human resource department implemented a succession plan in order to have potential employees in place when positions opened. The company uses a performance and development appraisal process for selection. Solvay prefers to hire young candidates and assimilate them into the organization. The company has a particular strength in growing its employees from inside the company. Solvay uses talent roundtables and potential pools to fill senior positions. The senior leaders of Solvay a very qualified,...
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