Solutions Manual Discrete-Event System Simulation Third Edition Jerry Banks John S. Carson Ii Barry L. Nelson David M. Nicol August 31, 2000

Topics: Random variable, Probability theory, Cumulative distribution function Pages: 66 (17067 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Solutions Manual Discrete-Event System Simulation Third Edition Jerry Banks John S. Carson II Barry L. Nelson David M. Nicol August 31, 2000

1 Introduction to Simulation 2 Simulation Examples 3 General Principles 4 Simulation Software 5 Statistical Models in Simulation 6 Queueing Models 7 Random-Number Generation 8 Random-Variate Generation 9 Input Modeling 10 Verification and Validation of Simulation Models 11 Output Analysis for a Single Model 12 Comparison and Evaluation of Alternative System Designs 13 Simulation of Manufacturing and Material Handling Systems 14 Simulation of Computer Systems 1 5 16 17 18 32 39 46 51 55 57 60 65 66


There are approximately three hundred exercises for solution in the text. These exercises emphasize principles of discrete-event simulation and provide practice in utilizing concepts found in the text. Answers provided here are selective, in that not every problem in every chapter is solved. Answers in some instances are suggestive rather than complete. These two caveats hold particularly in chapters where building of computer simulation models is required. The solutions manual will give the instructor a basis for assisting the student and judging the student’s progress. Some instructors may interpret an exercise differently than we do, or utilize an alternate solution method; they are at liberty to do so. We have provided solutions that our students have found to be understandable. When computer solutions are provided they will be found on the text web site,, rather than here. We have invited simulation software vendors to submit solutions to a number of modeling and analysis problems; these solutions will also be found on the web site. Instructors are encouraged to submit solutions to the web site as well. Jerry Banks John S. Carson II Barry L. Nelson David M. Nicol

Chapter 1

Introduction to Simulation
For additional solutions check the course web site at 1. Solution to Exercise 1: a. SYSTEM Small appliance repair shop ENTITIES Appliances ATTRIBUTES Type of appliance Age of appliance Nature of problem Size of appetite Completion of a job Arrival at service line Departures from service line Arrival at checkout counters Departure from checkout counter Occurrence of breakdowns Completion of service Status of repair person busy or idle Number of diners in waiting line Number of servers working Number of shoppers in line Number of checkout lanes in operation ACTIVITIES Repairing the appliance EVENTS Arrival of a job STATE VARIABLES Number of appliances waiting to be repaired




Selecting food

Entree preference

Paying for food


Grocery store


Length of grocery list

Checking out



Washing machine

Breakdown rate

Repairing a machine

Number of machines running Number of machines in repair Number of Machines waiting for repair


SYSTEM Fast food restaurant ENTITIES Customers ATTRIBUTES Size of order desired ACTIVITIES Placing the order Paying for the order Providing service required EVENTS Arrival at the counter Completion of purchase Arrival of the patient Departure of the patient Pick-up of fare Drop-off of fare Breaking down STATE VARIABLES Number of customers waiting Number of positions operating Number of patients waiting Number of physicians working Number of busy taxi cabs Number of fares waiting to be picked up Availability of machines




Hospital emergency room


Attention level required


Taxicab company


Origination Destination



Automobile assembly line

Robot welders

Speed Breakdown rate

Spot welding

3. Abbreviated solution to Exercise 3:
Iteration 1 Problem Formulation Cars arriving at the intersection are controlled by a traffic light. The cars may go straight, turn left, or turn right. Setting of Objectives and...
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