Solution to World Poverty

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Tom Shi
Final Draft
Dr. Smalley
Even Little Bit Helps: My solution to world poverty

Try to imagine when you became a homeless child who is facing death because of starvation, would not you want a piece of bread from a kind man?
In the article "The Singer Solution to World Poverty" Peter Singer talks about whether we should save poor children or not by donating money. In his article, Singer helps us realize our response for the deaths of children in poor families by asking the reader to consider hypothetical situations and put these moral issues into real life. In the long run, simply donating money to poor countries do not solve the problem. In my opinion, we should help the poor children to make their own living, by spending our money on popularization of education and health care in the poor countries.

In the first few paragraphs, Singer uses examples from the Brazilian film "Central Station" and basically says that in America and other countries, people are more likely to condemn people who do not donate. For example, people who might have been quick condemn Dora if she had not rescued the boy actually go back to places far more comfortable than Dora's apartment after the movie ends. This suggests that people who are able to help the poor children do not take actions to help them. Therefore, we should start to help poor children by donating money to the charity rather than wait for someone else to do it. Like the author says "Donated to one of a number of charitable agencies, that money could mean the difference between life and death for children in need." Shi 2

Another example from the article was author's analysis of "Living High and Letting Die" by Peter Unger. The example is about close-to-retirement Bob, who chooses not to throw the switch that would have directed the train to another track and saved child's life. In the same manner, it is very wrong of us for not calling the charity number listed on P299 after seeing it,...