Solution, Suspensions, Colloids

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Mixtures - Solutions, Colloids and Suspensions

The table below compares solutions, colloids and suspensions.

| |Solutions |Colloids |Suspensions | |Appearance |Clear, transparent and homogeneous |Cloudy but uniform and homogeneous |Cloudy, heterogeneous, at least two | | | | |substances visible | |Particle size |Very small – size of molecules and ions |10 -1,0000 angstroms (Å) |Larger than 10,000 angstroms | | | |(1 Å = 10-10 metre) | | |Effect of light on (Tyndall Effect) |None – light passes through |Light is dispersed by particles |Variable | |Sedimentation |None |None |Particles will eventually settle out. | |Method of separation of components |Simple or fractional distillation, |Destabilise and filter |Filtration | | |chromatography | | | |Examples |Salt in water, ethanol in water |Fog, mist, hand cream, mayonnaise, |Flour in water, sand in water. |

Tyndall effect is the scattering of light by particles in the colloid. Colloid particles may be seen in a beam of light e.g. dust in air in a "shaft" of sunlight

Brownian movement may be used to distinguish between...
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