Solution of Russia's Corruption

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Kwankamon Thanadkah [Lux]
ID : 5380190, ECII Section : 4

Solution of Russia's Corruption
In the article “Russia's culture of corruption easier to accept than fight”, written by Kirill Kabanov on 11th May 2011, Kabanov argued that a corruption in Russia can hardly be solve, but we can understand the way of Russia's culture of corruption. The best way to solve the corruption problem is to get a help from publics. I agree with Kirill Kabanove about this, Therefore, this essay will provide you more knowledge about Russia's history of government which will relate to a today corruption and a solution of the problem. The first important thing that we should know about Russia is that communism had been used in Russia. According to what I have learned in World History class, before 1991, when Russia was still Soviet Union, the country was a developing country. Russia used Karl Marx's theory of sociology to govern the country. Hence, nowadays, even though Russia has changed it into capitalism, there is still a smell of the old style of Russia's governing. The big issue of the history is related to the today problem Russia's corruption. Recently, I have studied from Sociology class about different kinds of bureaucracy. There is one kind which is Marxist perspective. It is said that the way to use bureaucracy is to increase the numbers of skillful workers, so that owners or rich people can still control all workers, and no one will be an enrichment more then they are. This led to the problem that Kabanove pointed out. We know that Russia used to be communism, and to change to way they have been through is very difficult. It might take time for Russia to decrease its corruption. Secondly, the solution of a corruption problem in Russia is to focus on its citizen. We need to let Russia's citizens know more about corruption in their own country. To illustrate, according to one of articles that I have read in class, from NYtimes on March 2011, it showed that Navalny has...
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