Solution for Restaurant Problem

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Problem solving Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Since our restaurant facing some problems about queuing and cleanliness, therefore we have come out some solutions to solve those problems.

1. Solution for solving queuing problem

We were chosen to use high technology to solve this queuing problem. The high technology that we will use is technology-driven customer relationship management (CRM) system. The technology-driven customer relationship management (CRM) system that we will use is called as Beeping UFO. As its name, Beeping UFO is a UFO shape stuff which will beep. We will give a Beeping UFO to the customers after the customers make their order over the counter. Instead of their order is being prepared, customers can return to their tables with the Beeping UFO that given by us. On the other hand, customers are allowed to chill out while we make their order. When the Beeping UFO starts vibrating and beeping, it means customers order is ready. Then customers can go to the collection counter for retrieve their order and give back the Beeping UFO to us. With this Beeping UFO, customers no need use too much time to queue for make their order and wait to take their order. With this, our service will become more quality and more efficiency. Besides that, customers will think our service is quite good and then they will come to our restaurant again.

Figure: Example of Beeping UFO

2. Solution for solving cleanliness problem
Since the cleanliness problem is the most critical problem that can affect our restaurant productivity. So we need to solve this problem and keep cleanliness for our restaurant. In order to solve the cleanliness problem, we will carry out disinfection for whole area in our restaurant once for each month. With disinfection, we can kill all the bacterial that hide at everywhere. Besides that, we will use the detergents which approve by Ministry of Health to clean our restaurant. It is because we cannot ensure hygiene of our restaurant if we use other detergents. Since...
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