Solution Focused Therapy

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  • Published : March 31, 2011
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Solution Focused Therapy or Brief Therapy is a counselling technique that focuses on solutions in the present and future instead of the past. It is a short-term goal focused approach that moves clients away from their problems to solutions. Solution focused therapy is based on the idea that to help clients focus on things related to how change happens rather than concentrating on how problems develop. Solution focused therapy focuses on the future and how life will be better when their goals are achieved. Goals direct the counselling process and keep the client focused on the solution, identifying the client’s strengths and resources to assist with the change process. Solution focused therapy helps the client focus off of what's wrong and onto what's right, the counsellor stresses the resources and skills the client has, and helps them take control for setting their own goals and reaching them. It's not about what's missing and causing problems, but what’s present and can lead to happiness. The counselor uses respectful curiosity to invite the client to envision their preferred future or outcome and then the counselor and client start to see how it is possible to work towards it whether these are small moves or large ones. Solution focused counselors believe that change is constant. By helping people identify the things that they wish to change in their life and also to recognize things that are currently happening that they wish to continue to happen, The counselor helps their clients to build a concrete vision of a preferred future or outcome for themselves and then helps the client to identify times in their current life that are closer to this future, and examines what is different on these occasions. By bringing these small successes to their awareness and helping them to repeat these successful things they do when the problem is not there or less severe, the counsellor helps the client move towards the preferred future they have visioned. Q2) If...
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