Solution-Based Approaches to Health Issues Roles and Responsibilities-Unit 8 Project Assignement

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Branching Out and Working Together

Daniel Gonzales
Kaplan University

In healthcare and as healthcare professionals we are a giant pool of experts working together in order to fulfill a common goal, which is to care for the sick and injured. In this informative piece I will be discussing in detail three of the professions commonly found in the healthcare arena, how we all work together and how as an individual I can prepare myself to interact with other health care professionals in to obtain success within our individual health care fields. By discussing these subjects, I will have a better understanding of other healthcare professionals’ jobs and how we can collaborate to meet mission statement goals and sustain the health of our perspective communities.

Of the professions that I will be discussing, I will begin with medical assisting. After earning an Associates in Medical Assisting, it will be up to you to perform administrative and clinical tasks within the medical treatment facility you have been hired in to ensure smooth functionality of your assigned area of operations. You can be hired to work within a hospital, clinic or private doctor’s office and work within a variety of medical specialties, which allows for you to earn immense amount of experiential knowledge. The job market for medical assistants is on the rise and will continue to be on the rise as it is project to rise 34% of the course of the next ten years. (Berends, 2011) There is room for advancement as well, you can use your degree to further your education in order to become a registered nurse, physician assistant or you use your knowledge base to train future medical assistants. There is a multitude of possibilities and directions you can take by earning this degree and diving into this career path. Therefore if you have the compassion to help and care for people, and work semi-independently becoming a medical assistant can be very rewarding career.

Secondly, I will move...
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