Topics: Scientific method, Research, Qualitative research Pages: 9 (1296 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Business Research Methods – Course Handout
MBA – Semester II – Class of 2014

Faculty: Vishal Mishra
Qualifications: PhD (Strategic Management), M.M.S (Systems/Marketing) Contact Details: Room No. – E 213; Ph – 9948494348 (Mob.); Email: Meeting Hours: All (working) week-days - with prior appointment

1. Instruction Details

Course Duration: 33 sessions of 75 minutes each,

2. Course Details

A. Course Objective:
To provide basic concepts of research methods that can help managers in business decision making process. The course aims to develop a practical approach of analyzing business situations, across domains and industries, using quantitative and/or qualitative analysis techniques.

B. Instruction Methodology: Case Discussions.

The students are advised to go through the specified cases along with the study material required for that case.

C. Suggested Titles (Text and Reference):

1. Research Methodology (concepts & cases); Deepak Chawla & Neena Sondhi, Vikas Publishing (prescribed) 2. Business Research Methods: William G. Zikmund, Thomson South – Western, India Edition 3. Business Research Methods: Donald R. Cooper and Ramela S. Schnider, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Ltd., 4. Marketing Research: Naresh Malhotra, Pearson Education.

3. Code of Conduct

Students are expected to follow the IBS code of conduct.

A. Attendance

Students must strictly adhere to the class timings. No student will be allowed to enter the class after the scheduled timings. In order to be able to write the final examination students must maintain at least 75% attendance in the class.

B. Discipline and Conduct in the class

The topic-wise schedule of delivery is attached. The students are advised to go through the background reading material and study/analyze the cases (scheduled for the session) before coming to each session.

Students should feel free to ask questions/doubts/clarification related to the topic under discussion in the class. A healthy and active participation from all the students is desired and appreciated. Students can also take appointment and meet me for clarifying doubts outside the class.

Students must not involve in any activities (whispering, talking among the classmates etc.) which can disturb the class. Use of MOBILE PHONES is strictly prohibited inside the class. Anyone found doing so will be penalized.

C. Make up test

Students are advised to schedule all their activities according to the evaluation dates. Make-up test are highly discouraged and only under exceptional circumstances (with prior intimation to me and permission from the Dean’s office) will a student be allowed to take a make-up test. A make up test will be substantially tougher than the normal test.

D. Others

Unfair practices during regular sessions and during evaluations will not be tolerated. Any student found guilty will be asked to leave the exam hall. Such students will be given ZERO marks and they will have to face disciplinary action.

Plagiarism (presenting the words or ideas of others without giving credit) is a major offense and it is the duty of the student to understand what plagiarism is and actively seek out advice when there is a doubt.

Important: We will be using SPSS, the statistical software for data analysis.

Session Plan

| |Topic |Session No. |Detailed Syllabus |Chapter from |Cases | |Sr. No.| | | |prescribed book| | |1 |Introduction to Business |1 & 2 |Meaning & definition of Research – Relevance and |Chapter 1 |1. The launch of new coke – ICMR Case| | |Research |...
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