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Topics: Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism, University Pages: 6 (2011 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Academic Honesty
Academic honesty is important in academics at any level. There are two main reasons for keeping academic integrity intact and they are to stop students from misrepresenting others works as their own and to cite original works giving the source the proper credit. It is important for students to understand the impact that dishonesty has on the educational process. It is also an integrity issue that encompasses the faculty and students as a whole. Academic honesty is the responsibility of all students and faculty. There are so many ways that students can be morally and lawfully dishonest in a college setting, but the student then needs to understand what exactly academic dishonesty is and in what ways they violate the code of conduct put forth by all universities. Academic honesty includes staying away from these dishonest acts: cheating

plagiarism (Plagiarism is to present someone else’s work, ideas, creativity sayings as your own ) copying or copy and pasting from the Internet
altering authorized academic records
helping other students to perform an act of academic dishonesty also known as collusion. The most effective and widely used way of cheating is through the Internet. This tool has long been the easiest way to find information and it can be very helpful in research and writing. However, it can be very easy to be tempted into passing off another's ideas as your own. Research overwhelmingly confirms that the Internet provides an array of opportunities for students to cheat—whether intentionally or not (Jones, 2011). Faculties are hard pressed to come up with ways to find cheating even through the clever methods available online. As a student, it is the responsibility of that person to understand that anything that is not your idea should be cited to give that person proper credit. Copy and pasting is a major player in Internet cheating and can be very tempting. It is imperative that students understand when they are researching on line that they have a standard to uphold in what they retrieve from the internet. It is important to understand where dishonesty comes from and that comes from the upbringing of the student. They are treated by parents a certain way and that can lead to securities or insecurities. For instance, if a parent is scolding and firm about grades, then a young student will have fear in bringing home a bad grade and may resort to cheating if they are not confident in their own abilities and the pressure of pleasing a parent. This then leads to self-esteem issues where the student all the way into their adult life feel that they are not good enough or smart enough to do the work and need to use cheating as a crutch to get them through. Faculty and staff have a responsibility to students to work with them and give them all the knowledge of trying to avoid having to resort to academic dishonesty. For instance, if it is obvious that more tutoring is needed, a instructor cannot overlook a trend of bad grades. They need to reach out to the student and give them help. This apathy can result in plagiarism due to feeling that no one is in their corner. An article on cheating found the following information, which is important to consider. “Rates of cheating are higher when instructors trust students to be honest, and rates are lower when students perceive a strong threat of being caught and punished” (Hollinger, 1996). This is important to note because if dishonesty is not taken seriously, then a student feels empowered to continue. It is like a person who habitually steals from one store. If that person understands he will not get caught, what is the incentive to stop? Another important point displays the type of student who may be more prone to cheating. “Students who attend college to obtain a credential or license are more inclined to cheat than those who attend for other reasons” (Hollinger, 1996). Sometimes in the race to gain a license or credential, it becomes important...
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