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Cassy Franson
1st Hour, Mr. Cole
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Solon was an Athenian Statesman and was known as one of the Seven Wise Men of Greece. He was born in 630 B.C. and passed away in 560 B.C. He was a noted poet who introduced a new more humane law code, ended exclusive aristocratic control of the government and substituted a system of control by the wealthy (Britannica/Solon). Solon was of noble descent but moderate means. He may have been a merchant as the tradition states and his travels and economic measures suggest. When Solon was alive in 6th century it was a troubled time for Athenians. This is because society was dominated by an aristocracy of birth called the eupatridae. They owned the best land, monopolized the government and split themselves into rival fractions. The poorer farmers were easily driven into debt and the intermediate classes of middling farmers, craftsmen, and merchants resented their exclusion from the government (Britannica/Solon). Many people turned to Solon for solutions to their problems and to receive satisfying answers.

Solon believed in moderation and in an ordered society; which each class had its proper place and function, his solution was not revolution but reform. To start off, he proposed economic reforms as a reformer and legislator that were to relieve the distress caused by debt. By doing this, Solon redeemed all the forfeited land and...
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