Soloists, Validator and Delegator

Topics: Investment, Finance, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Individual Investors
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MSSB) is dedicated to serving investors worldwide. They offer tailored solutions designed to help manage long-term wealth as well as customized investment solutions. Working alongside with a Financial Advisor, clients needs are analyzed and then a tailored solution. It’s up to the client as far as how far they want to implement the recommended strategy. Once chosen, Financial Advisors maintain an ongoing commitment through regular and timely contact ensuring questions and concerns are resolved. Through the launch of the internet, MSSB was able to reach a broader customer base through increased development of online services. This allowed consumers more real time data to review market research, submit account transactions and communicate with Financial Advisors via email, chat and other web based solutions. In August of 2010, MSSB announced they would be pioneering an application for iPhone/iPad products which allowed clients instant access to MSSB’s unique research platform anytime, anywhere on the mobile internet. In October 2011, the launched FX Gateway, a database of currency funds strategies and returns. Users can invest in these funds through the system and it’s designed to give traditional investors an easier way to invest in currency hedge funds. And finally in May of 2011, they announced testing of a pilot program that would allow it’s advisors to interact with clients on social media websites Twitter and LinkedIn through pre-approved public updates and private LinkedIn emails, invitations and introductions. From this we can glean that MSSB invests in incremental technological innovations to ensure they are differentiating themselves from other financial institutions. Soloist

Soloists are individual Investors who like more products to choose among many Investment products, like to Research the stuff by themselves, are Cost-conscious. They like the offered products which are easy to use,...
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