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Road to Redemption
During my earliest years as a student attending school, I had the eligibility to join a group of peers that, to me, seemed we’d be everlasting throughout our years in school and cumulatively generate an abundance of my fondest memories. The group consisted of 7 students, including myself, diversity in ages, and all embraced similar interests. Over the course of time, we indeed have established memorable experiences that bring bliss upon us when we reminisce on the past. Most of the individuals that formed the group I recall encountering in Elementary School and upon introducing ourselves, shared marvelous rapports. We all were close to each other from our first days of meeting and expeditiously constructed a foundation of bonds between ourselves that seemed impenetrable regardless of unfortunate events that arose. Our relationships fortified as time elapsed and we matured in age. Our group use to go everywhere together, whether it be to restaurants, parties, movies and countless other diversions. If complications arose within ourselves, we regulated immediately and made sure everyone was content. Unfortunately, during our Junior and Senior years of High School, our group began to fall apart.

I never understood why this happened and even after retracing and analyzing the events, I concluded it was impossible to locate the origin of this breakaway. Besides that, I did conjure a hypothesis, through information I gathered, to help me understand this phenomenon. After meticulous scrutiny, I was successful in discovering what caused our group to disband. How was I oblivious to these prolonged subliminal messages ? It appeared to me that the cause of this catastrophe was a zealous commitment enacted to obtain popularity, but was also linked to financial and drug related dilemmas. Apparently, in ambitions of receiving acclaim and currency, my formal friends decided to deal narcotics in hopes of obtaining the respect of the covert elites pertaining...

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