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Topics: 2002 albums, Boy, Man Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Randi Gunn
Mrs. Dempsey
English 101
January 22, 2013
The Normal

In the beginning of WWI many young men were awaiting their fate as they were drafted or enlisted off to war. Many of these men lost their lives, many came home unharmed, but many came home changed in such a way the loved ones and neighbors did not even know who they were. In the story “Soldier’s home,” by Ernest Hemingway. Harold Krebs, a young man, was living a seemingly normal life in his home town of until war struck the land; and shipped his innocent soul overseas. Only for him to come back a lost soul looking for his purpose after the nightmare he lived through. Krebs attended a very traditional Methodist college, as told in the story. He was a fraternity member and had a seemingly good relationship with his fellow brothers. We also see his family as an all-around typical American family. A hard working father who is known as a successful business man, a mother who is a house a wife and homemaker holding the family somewhat together. After college, Krebs had enlisted in the war, as an innocent young boy. The experience of the war though, made Krebs a man. It had also taken his innocence’s leaving him pondering on what to do, where to go, and how his life should be now. After the war life for Krebs was not as easy as he expected. Just like most people who experience something life altering, Krebs set himself in a routine just to feel normal; like many depressed people seem to do. I also find myself falling in a pattern like Krebs does in the story. After dealing with depression and looking for a sense of belonging, I found myself following a routine just to feel normal. When someone would try to alter my routine I would become defensive; just like Krebs did with his mother in the conversation held in the kitchen. War had changed him, he was no longer this church going, young boy trying to do right. Instead he is like a sheep being lead out to the meadow. He was a lost man of war...
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