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Figure 1. Conceptual Framework

Statement of Problem
The main objective of the study was to assess the status of the present solid waste management of selected barangays of Santa Fe, Cebu, Philippines.
Specifically the study aimed to answer the following questions 1. What was the profile of the respondents in terms of
1. Educational attainment, and
2. Waste Management literacy
3. Length of Service
2. What was the status of the operation of the present solid waste management along with; 1. Features,
2. Services offered,
3. Technology deployed, and
4. Personnel assigned?
3. As evaluated by the respondents, to what extent was the effectiveness of the aforementioned solid waste management? 4. Based on the findings of the study, what proposal for solid waste management enhancement could be developed?

Significance of the Study
Through this study, the researcher can identify the results of the study which is important to the following;

Top Management: The mayor, municipal councilors, barangays captains and other government officials of the municipality get the maximum benefit. These are the people who have to look after a lot of managerial and operational activities and have to maintain the solid waste management program.

Constituents: A solid waste management system is also quite helpful for the constituents as it connects them with the local officials and management through the system. General Services Office. The GSO of Municipality of Santa Fe is currently encountering problems in implementing the solid waste management system. The study presents an information management system that will reduce the problems of the current GSO regarding implementation of solid waste management system. Future Researchers. The study will be the basis for other future...
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