Solid State Hard Drives

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Solid-State Hard Drives
The hard drive is the most important aspect to a personal computer. Hard drives hold the operating system like windows, linux, or others. It loads it to the computer’s memory and uses RAM to start up. Drives can also store system configuration files, applications, the operating system and data files. HDD’s use a magnetic drives. SSD’s are not, they do not have moving parts inside. Unlike HDD’s, Solid-state storage technology typically provides faster system performance. Solid State drives are storage device that uses integrated circuits assemblies to store data. Integrated circuits are also referred as microchips. Integrated circuit is a set of electronic components on a single unit. Solid-State Drives use traditional input/output hard disk drive. Solid-State Drives storage unit are much more expensive than a storage unit of HDD. Solid-state drives are sometimes a smaller size than regular HDD’s. An SSD does not have a mechanical arm to read and write data, it instead relies on a processor called a controller to perform a bunch of operations related to reading and writing data. The controller is a very important factor in determining the speed of the SSD, decisions it makes related to how to store, retrieve, cache and clean up data can determine the overall speed of the drive. SSD’s are much faster it almost instantly reads data. Solid-State drives have a longer lifespan than regular hard drives. They significantly use less heat and are very quiet. They are also power efficient and carry more capacity than before. Now most SSD’s use flash memory which retains data without power like CMOS and the CMOS battery. HDD’s are measured in RPM’s revolutions per second. Unlike HDD SSD is measured in size like megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes. Usually the SSD has the same file systems as HDD. TRIMM command is supported by SSD which helps recycle discarded data.

The Solid –State Drives controller chipset...
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