Solid Edge Automation

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Solid Edge Customization using VB and VB.NET

Solid Edge Customization
with VB & VB.NET

Cutting Edge Technology Explained in a Layman’s Language

Tushar Suradkar

This ePaper is about

Design Automation

Process Automation
using Solid Edge and VB/VB.NET

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Solid Edge Customization using VB and VB.NET

Chapter 1
What is Customization

According to MS Word thesaurus, customization means : "To alter something in order to make it fit somebody’s requirements better " You too can customize Solid Edge to fit your requirements better. Whatever changes you make to the default appearance of the toolbar or layout of other windows is customization. Parts of the Solid Edge screen that can be customized : Toolbars – Manually or programmatically. Status bar – Display On/Off and location Top/Bottom. EdgeBar – Location (left/right) or display of sketches on/off. The Interface – Changing background color in Part or Draft. Only changes that persist (remain effective after Solid Edge is restarted) can be called Customization.

Whatever steps that you carry out to do a repetitive task can be combined into one step and this is called Automation. Steps/Commands in Solid Edge that can be automated : There is practically no limit to what can be automated. Mostly programs written in languages like VB or C++ are used to automate repetitive tasks. This entire book is an attempt to discuss what and how automation can be done.

Steps involved in the engineering design of a part or whole product can be automated and this is called ‘Design Automation’.

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Solid Edge Customization using VB and VB.NET

Steps involved in related engineering processes like cost calculations, material calculations, machining cost, product documentation from CAD data, producing quotations, etc. can also be automated and is called ‘Process Automation’. Solid Edge and Solid Edge API can be used extensively in both Design Automation and Process Automation. This entire book is an attempt to discuss what and how automation can be done, where you develop all of the following concepts and much more. Batch processing of Solid Edge files like, batch importing of legacy data, batch exporting of Solid Edge files, batch processing of legacy data, etc. Reading from and writing Solid Edge data to external databases like Excel, Access, text files, XML, PDF, HTML, etc. Product Configurator which integrates and automates much of the routine tasks of design and sales teams. Harnessing the Win API to streamline and integrate your apps with the host OS. Material estimates, cost and effort estimates from Solid Edge data. Advanced design optimization techniques for material and cost. Excel customization and using Excel in Solid Edge Automation. Customized Robotic simulation using Solid Edge API. Design and develop Solid Edge based ‘games’ !!

But for sure, you will resort to Customization in order to use Automation For example, customize the toolbar to add a new tool to run an automated task achieved using a VB program – This is the difference between Customization and Automation. Finally, the notion of customization does not merely imply automation of Solid Edge ‘commands’. It is essentially the automation of ‘your’ design steps like the design of your company’s product using rules, formulas, design tables, etc. and ‘process’ steps like estimates of machining time and cost, generating quotations, product catalogs, etc. all from CAD data.

© 2013 Tushar Suradkar -

Solid Edge Customization using VB and VB.NET

Lab of the Day :
Creating an On/Off toolbar

This is going to be a very interesting exercise. More than often you find putting certain things on and off the screen like reference planes, sketches, zebra stripes, etc. Although Solid Edge provides a separate tool for this, the process takes too many clicks and...
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