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  • Published : November 26, 2007
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History X Book Report
I. Biographic Data
Wulfson, Don. 345 Hudson street, New York 10014, U.S.A. Penguin books LTD.80 Strand, London. II. Setting
This event is taking parting time of Hitler, Executing Jews. Some places they are at are Germany, Russia, and City's of the two. In Germany he is a solder and is trained in Germany. Russia is then the main place because he is stuck their. "The town we were in, Klatovy, Czechoslovakia, Russia." III. Characterization

Erik Brandt is the main character. He is only fifteen, so he looks like a kid. Further on the story he starts looking like a man. He has long hair and has a stumble of a beard. He is also a handsome man, "you're handsome!", "As Handsome as my Gunter, almost!" Erik is very generous, "I burped and immediately excused myself." "You have such find manners—especially under the circumstances. IV. Method of Characterization

"Like myself, most of those on the train were young boys, teenagers."P.3 He is letting you know that he is a teenager. "It's all right, son," he said in a faint voice. "I'll make it"p.118 He is learning that if his dad-like character can make it with no legs, that he too can make it. Erik exchanges clothes with another Russian to survive. He learns how to speak Russian with accent. He also learns that war isn't the answer. V. Plot

The major problem is going through Russian territory without being caught, because he will be executed. "I didn't even want to think what they would do to me if saw me as an imposter." Surviving in the front and surviving in the woods with no food. Tamara is very ill and Erik gets help, so she won't die. He then finds a lady that helps him and gets Tamara a doctor. Erik lost his arm and couldn't except the fact that it was gone. Erik's family reopened the restaurant and Erik was married to Tamara.

VI. Conflict
The conflict is Man vs. Society. He is actually on the Germans side first, and his own countrymen are trying to kill him, not knowing he...
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