Soldier Home

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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“Soldiers Home” by Ernest Hemingway tells a story about a soldier named Harold Krebs who fought in World War I. Krebs returns home way after the homecoming to live with his family. Krebs soon grows empty and depressed, he feels as if he can’t talk about the war and if he does he has to lie. So eventually Krebs just learns to hold it all in. his family begins to worry about his state after returning from the war and so his mother makes him pray with her. He feels as if he is too far gone and as if he is a disappointment. So Krebs decides to leave his hometown to really feel unconnected. The story shows how much war changes a person and how they might never return and be the same person. The stories main character is Harold Krebs. It is through his eyes and heart we see and feel throughout the story. Krebs is a soldier returning home in a tough situation and comes off as a static character. His values, attitude and behavior stay the same throughout the story. Krebs comes back from the war depressed and emotionally injured. He continues to stay that way throughout the whole story. One night he talks to his mom and she asks him to pray with her. “Still, none of it touched him” (260), this shows even at the end of the story Krebs hasn’t changed. Hemingway uses Krebs to support the central idea and show how he can’t be molded back to society after being in a war. Krebs’ mother is the strongest supporting character. She comes off as dynamic character; right away when Krebs comes home she tries to enforce change. She does this out of love, to try to get Krebs to feel back to normal but she doesn’t understand he is no longer the same young man he used to be. One morning she asks him, “Have you decided what you are going to do yet, Harold?”(258). He blankly tells her no, and this seems to worry her even more. She tells him he can take the car out to find a lovely girl and he shows no desire in doing so. Later she prays with Krebs to see if that would help but she ends up...
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