Solar System and Points

Topics: Solar System, Star, Apparent magnitude Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Assignment 7. Please review the course web site for access dates: Click on the begin button to access the assignment and submit your answers. This assignment covers topics from chapters 15 & 16.

1. According to the Ptolemaic (Greek) model of the universe, how many "heavenly" bodies could be observed wandering along the background of stars? (Points: 2) d. seven

2. To the early Greeks, the stars were on a transparent, hollow sphere called the __________ sphere. (Points: 2) d. celestial

3. The apparent westward "drift" of the planets compared to the background stars is called ______________. (Points: 2)

e. retrograde motion

4. The formation of the solar system from a huge cloud of dust and gases is called the ______________theory (although some sources refer to this as a hypothesis). (Points: 2) d. nebular

5. What bodies in the solar system orbit between Mars and Jupiter? (Points: 2)

c. asteroids

6. ________ are small, extraterrestrial particles that glow brightly and burn up as they travel through Earth's atmosphere. (Points: 2) a. Meteoroids

7. The remains of an extraterrestrial particle which is found on Earth's surface is called a(n) __________. (Points: 2)

e. meteorite

8. One of the most common units used to express stellar distance is the __________. (Points: 2)

d. light-year

9. The measure of a star's brightness is called its ______________. (Points: 2) d. magnitude

10. Which one of the objects listed below has the largest size? (Points: 2) a. superclusters

11. Which color stars have the highest surface temperature? (Points: 2) e. blue

12. A brilliant explosion of cataclysmic proportion. (Points: 2)

c. a supernova

13. The most dense objects known to exist are ______________. (Points: 2) a. black holes

14. A first magnitude star is ___ times brighter than a 5th magnitude star. (Points: 2) b. 40

15. Based on the...
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