Solar System and Outer Planets

Topics: Solar System, Planet, Neptune Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Review Questions
1. How are the outer planets similar to each other?
The outer planets are made up from mostly gases. They have atleast one moon. They don’t have solid surfaces. 2. How are the outer planets different from each other?
Uranus and Neptune are called ice giants, while Jupiter and Saturn are made from helium and hydrogen gases. 3. How are dwarf planets different from true planets?
They have celestial bodies in their orbit, and they are smaller. 4. What is the arrangement of the outer planets? What effect does their placement have the planets? Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, they take up 99% of the mass of the celestial bodies orbiting out sun. 5. What is Titan? Why are scientists interested in it?

Titan is Saturn’s giant moon, it has a surface tempurature of around 270 degrees fahrenheit , it has a think atmosphere that’s regarded by scientists as one of the most complex chemical environment in our solar system

Critical Thinking Questions
1. How do the outer planets differ from the inner planets?
Inner planets are classified as rocky planets while the outer planets are classified as gas giants, the outer planets have a greater mass then all the inner planets. The outer planets also have small cores. They are also cooler than the inner planets. 2. Which of the outer planets is MOST like Earth? How?

Saturn because they both have at least one moon, they both get seasons like summer and winter, and the gravity is similar. 3. Do you think the outer planets contain any life? Support your response with facts. No creature can survive any where but on earth, because anything alive needs water to live, and the other planets do not have water. 4. Why was Pluto reclassified from a planet to a dwarf planet? Why did this create controversy? Its so far away from earth to get a good look at the planet. It is way smaller than all the other planets Pluto is also mad up of a combination of rocks and ice which is different from the other planets, similar...
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