Solar Screen

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Solar Screen

Professor Stansfield
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In the wake of Hurricane sandy and other natural disasters a portable solar charged phone has been in demand. Our product the Solar Screen fills this void and offers a phone that does not need to be charged through the wall. This product creates an easier work environment in which there is no concern of being cut off in the middle of an important phone call as the result of a dead battery. This product will barely make a dent on the pockets of the consumer and will help the environment as it will not be wasting energy that is created through fossil fuels. This proposal will discuss the solar technology the layering of the solar screens, the cost effectiveness of the screen and the advantages of our product over the current technology. Mission statement

Our company’s goal is to provide the technology, to absorb the infinite amount of energy the sun releases every day. This resource existent beyond ones imagination, instead of wasting electricity we can use a natural resource that provides infinite energy. We are also 'going green' by helping lessen the amount of coal being burned, which cause’s air pollution. Our company’s main goal is provide the consumer with comfort, the ability to not worry about carrying chargers around or buying new ones. We want people to not worry about losing battery no more, because the sun is always an available source. Benefits

There comes a time when you are on an important phone call, and the battery is about to die, and unfortunately there is no chargers nearby. Sometimes the charger for your new phone is not available on the markets, and usually it is too expensive to constantly keep buying charges for the office, house, car etc. Now all you need to do is face your phone towards the sun and the charging begins. The most beneficial reason to have solar screen is because, no matter what phone you are using it can be charged with the sun. The sun can be used as a Universal charging tool, not just for one particular model but all phones in the market. You will not have to carry chargers around anymore and try finding outlets in public areas. The highest demand for the solar mobile are in times when there is no electricity around, such as hurricanes and blackouts. Solar screens are useful for traveling in areas where there is no electricity available, such as train’s planes buses and geographical areas such as beaches, woods and deserts. Charging phones while camping and on long road trips become problems with the traditional phone, but with our solar screen the sun is always an available source for power, even if it is cloudy outside. The best part of having a solar screen is that they are no different from any other phone you previously had. It is not any thicker, wider or taller than previous models. The solar panel is so transparent, that while your phone is on it will be impossible to realize that it exists. When phone is turned off, only then there will be a 10% chance of spotting its appearance. Even if your screen cracks, there will be no need to be worried because, the solar panel is under the digitizer, protecting it from being shattered. Unlike previous phones that were not capable of withstanding high temperatures, the solar screen will be able to with stand heat for a long time. The Solar screen not only charges by sun light but it can also charge under other heavy lights. Mobile devices are consuming more and more energy due to the growing number of embedded applications. Increasing energy efficiency has thus become a strategic advantage. Solar screen can help save a lot of money, by not spending on chargers and reducing the electricity usage for charging. Our technology also helps save the environment, since more than 50% of our electricity is made through burning coal. The process of burning coal causes sulfur dioxide to be released in to the air, which causes air pollution. Our...
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