Solar Powered Car

Topics: Electric vehicle, Solar vehicle, World Solar Challenge Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: November 27, 2010
A solar car is an electric vehicle powered by solar energy. This is the result obtained from solar panels on the surface (usually the top) of the vehicle. Photovoltaic cells integrated into the panels convert the sun's energy directly into electrical energy, electricity is captured and then stored in batteries that power the electric motor of the car. Electrical systems and electronic control the operation from capture to storage of solar energy received."In 1982, the Australian Hans Tholstrup built the" Quiet Achiever ", a vehicle powered by electricity supplied by photovoltaic cells which could reach a speed of 60km / h. In 1983, he crossed with his experimental vehicle in 20 days Australia (Perth to Sydney is 4129 km). He then imagines an international competition "World Solar Challenge with the aim to travel as quickly as possible 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide using only solar energy," 1 °The first departure was given on 1 November 1987 to first 23 participants from seven different countries that are parties to Darwin. The runaway winner was Sunrayce General Motors. This car, built by the combined talents of GM and its subsidiaries (including Hughes Aircraft Corporation and AEROVIRONMENT) has completed the challenge 3.000 km in just 44 hours and averaged 80.9 km / h.The competition has since become an international reference and an expected event. Indeed, since its inception in has a dozen races in the world solar car:"Since 1987: The World Solar Challenge in Australia.Since 1989: The American Tour de Sol "in the United States.Since 1990: The "Sunrayce USA", which later became the "Formula Sun Grand Prix and now the" North American Solar Challenge.Since 1992: The "Grand Solar Challenge" in Japan.Since 1993: "World Solar Rally car" in Akita in Japan and here, too.The Dream Cup Suzuka in Japan.The "Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge, USA.1996: The "Canadian Solar Discovery Challenge.In 2004: "Phaethon 2004" for the Athens Olympics in Greece.European...
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