Solar Power Technology

Topics: Fossil fuel, Wind power, Renewable energy Pages: 7 (2415 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Solar Power Technology
“Psychological and Sociological Considerations”

Sociological views
Solar power in the 21st Century, who would have thought of the impact it has made? For some time now solar power has been making its way into homes as well as into the minds of home owners and businesses. Homeowners are taking a closer look at the benefits of solar power energy and its impact on the environment. Psychologically, some view this as doing their part to save the human race. Their rationalization of it is; society is battling issues with global warming due to the use of fossil fuels and other carbon compound usage that pollute the very air we breathe, this in-turns poses a big threat to the human race in the long run. Solar energy seems to be an answer for some homeowners that project savings in the long run. Homeowners are taking the plunge when investing in solar panels. Their sub-conscious mind understands that the return is a decade away, but they look at it as an investment and their contribution to society. They also understand that once the panels are installed, they are inflation free, which means they are not dependent on fluctuating raw material cost for their generation of power. This adds to energy independence, which has been limited to portable generators up until now. Business owners are also getting in on the savings by utilizing solar power panels to capitalize on the tax incentives and to balance out the harm that their factories are doing to the communities. This noble deed is another example of the sociological affect solar power has on communities and the wellbeing of the environment. Some may not realize the impact that solar power will have or can have on the future of striving communities until later on in life, but researchers and developers see it as more than just an energy conservative way to live. The researchers and developers have figured ways to be more in-tune with the social environments not only domestically but, outside the Continental US. This technology is contributing to critical changes in society for poverty reduction, clean energy supply and adaption to climate challenges. Based on the fact that solar power is green energy and does not harm the environment, it has been utilized in other countries that lack resources and technology. Utilizing “solar mini grids.” Solar energy is increasing in local communities in developing countries. In most countries outside of the US, conventional power is very expensive and only enjoyed by the rich and wealthy, then you have countries that have power, but the power remains to be unreliable, so solar energy tends to be the most efficient solution and the ideal way to go. Solar energy constitutes using only what we can collect off the sun’s light (energy). It is sort of like using your paycheck when you get it. Oppose to using your savings that you have saved up for years and years. This analogy constitutes society using fossil fuels stored over millions of years. Things you may have experienced and didn’t realize it was solar powered driven. Example:

We all know that dark colors specifically black absorbs heat, but what you may not have known was it can converts heat into energy, When a black hose or green hose is left out in the sun for long periods of time in the broad daylight, the hose will create hot water. Essentially the black or green hose absorbs the solar rays turning them into heat generated wavelengths which heat up the water. I’m sure we all have left the water hose out in the summer at some point and experienced the hot water from the hose when released. Going in deeper to understand the psychology of the solar process

Environmental Impacts
Research has been conducted into poverty stricken villages like Kenya. Providing solar power energy to villages giving lighting resources that never existed within there make shift homes. By providing these villages with solar powered lighting it opened up...
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