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Solar Power Palau's the Energy Solution for the Future

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Solar Power Palau's the Energy Solution for the Future

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Solar Energy

Lester Rehuher

English 114 Advanced Composition
Marianne Temaungil
April 30, 2010

No nation in this age of globalization can stand by itself. No state can secure the economic security and general well-being of its citizens in isolation from the rest of the world. As an island nation, Palau literally can relate to the phrase “No man is an island”. The nation’s entire way of life has transformed over the decades to be dependent on the outside world for its economic security and well-being. The inter-connectedness brought on by technological innovations such as regular scheduled plane and ship arrivals, new applications of information technology (internet, CNN), faxes, and cell phones have brought profound changes to the nation. All use electricity that needs to be generated to operate. Some of the positive aspects of globalizations have benefited the nation tremendously and made the lives of its residents easier but this comes with a set of challenges that Palauans must face together as a society and which the government must identify and address. The energy issue is such a case. The vast Pacific Ocean no longer insulates the island nation from the changes taking places around the world. What affect countries far away will have a ripple affect on Palau. Most industrialize nations have began to take stock of their resources and began to mobilize themselves to the eventual shock of increased oil prices to their economies. These actions taken have generated a lot of interest in the field of alternative energy. As monetary resources are poured in, innovations to existing technologies and the creations of new ones are being realized. As the island nation of Palau becomes more integrated to the global economy, it has become clearer to the policy makers of the country that using fossil fuel to generate power will become unsustainable in the future due to the fluctuation of oil prices and dwindling...

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