Solar Panels vs. Trees

Topics: Solar energy, Photovoltaics, Sun Pages: 3 (1277 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Solar Panels Vs. Trees
Many consumers have several questions if whether or not if their neighbors can block access to their solar panels with shading. In the case of Solar vs. Trees, the trees are the ones that block the solar panels from direct sunlight. Both these men are environmentally friendly. “In terms of loving the environment it seems that neither one can top the other.” (NPR 62) When it comes to the decision of cutting down trees to get sunlight for solar panels, which one seems to have the upper hand in this situation? I believe Mr. Treanor should have the upper hand in this situation involving his trees and Mr. Vargus’s solar panel installation. Mr. Treanor trees had been planted first and Mr. Vargus did not seem to mention the fact that the trees were interrupting the growth of the corn he had planted. There are several reason as to why Mr. Vargus is wrong in filing the lawsuit against Mr. Treanor. Mr. Vargus used his knowledge of the Solar Shade Act after the matter of knowing his neighbor’s trees were casting a long shadow over his property. Mr. Vargus never informed Mr. Treanor of his findings. It was only after the tree had grown to its full height that Mr. Vargus installed the solar panels that he offered Mr. Treanor that he would pay for the tree to be cut down himself. Since Mr. Treanor planted the redwood trees first. The one immense mistake he made was the fact that he did not do his research so that he could be well acquainted with the redwood trees and to see precisely how tall the redwood trees grow and the environment that they need to be grown in. He also did not consider any of the risk factors that could possibly occur when planting a redwood and living in one of the areas that has a high risk of earthquake. For someone that has never seen a redwood tree, it can be larger than life. The average redwood tree can amount up to three hundred and seventy five feet tall. These trees have been present before man himself came on earth. If...
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