Solar Panels

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Solar Panel

A solar panel is a panel that absorbs sun light which than generates ,heat and electricity. Solar panels don't need coal and such to make electricity it only uses sunlight. It is made up of photovoltaic cells.

These panels are also sustainable so that means it will not harm our environment. However solar panels aren't cheap and are very expensive. Also you need coal and electricity to build this system. To generate energy with the panels you need sunlight,without sunlight or not enough sunlight the solar panels will not generate energy.

Here is a diagram of how a solar panel works:

For example I want to create a car that uses less gas than normal so I add a solar panel on the top of the car. When driving a car there is a switch that allows you to chose gas or solar. So if we use solar than we would be able to drive on a nice sunny day but if its dark we switch to gas. Therefore we use less of our economic resources .

We need to use more solar energy than waste our economic resources because when we really need our economic resources and we end up not having anything we are all doomed! However if we use solar energy than there is a lower chance there is to leading back to global warming.

But as i said before Solar panels etc is not cheap. Well who will be paying? If our government and prime minister are willing to pay then we have an advantage to make this world more sustainable.
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