Solar Lights for Roads

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Overhead Solar Light Fixtures
Overhead solar light fixtures are perfect for highways, freeways, neighborhood streets, parking lots, rural roads, parks, boat ramps, pathways, jogging paths, security lights and many other applications

General Spec’s

Application: Street; ------------------------------------

Pv module and light source: depend on the type and the use of the roads (the required lighting intensity or maximum luminous intensity) Automatic dusk to dawn controller / timer operation
System autonomy not less than 3 days or 24 operating hours per permissible discharge Charge controller efficiency more than 80%
The PV module should have a test certificate conforming to International standards and applicability of this product to the UAE or Gulf countries from an accredited Laboratory. Solar charge controllers

The charge controller is at the heart of every solar system, and is required to monitor and control the power going into and coming out of the battery. It must also manage the power generated by the solar module to ensure it does not overcharge the battery. The charge controller must also ensure that the connected loads don’t over-discharge the battery, thereby damaging it. Sollatek charge controllers are state of the art microprocessor controlled for both 12V and 24V systems.

The charge controller also manages the system operation time, enabling change in illumination levels throughout the course of the night. This can be provided at its brightest level during peak times of pedestrian activity, and then dimmed to accommodate times of reduced usage, thereby allowing for maximum energy efficiency. See operation time options opposite.

Operation time options
Sollatek’s charge controllers have the added advantage
of intelligent operation time that allows for a change
in illumination levels throughout the course of a night.
Illumination can be provided at its brightest level during
peak times of pedestrian activity,...
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