Solar Energy Policy

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Cole Skinner 28 November 2011 Econ 103 Policy Application Essay
“The Oil Industry Doesn’t Own the Sun”
Word Count: 951

Solar Power – Allocation of resources & efficiency
In today’s climate of growing energy needs, it is imperative to find sources of renewable or limitless energy. There is a plentiful amount of fossil fuels, including coal, natural gas, and oil. It remains to been seen however, if these resources can be depended on in the future. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the U.S. “is the birthplace to some of the word’s greatest clean energy technology”, but produces less than half of Germany’s clean energy program. In the last couple decades China has become “the worlds largest producer of solar modules”, using the United States’ solar technology breakthroughs. In a study conducted in 2009, the United States produced less than 15% of the world’s renewable electricity. In the past, computer technology began with large consoles with slow speeds. Over time, with the help of innovation and market competition, computers have become more inexpensive with superior performance. In this example, innovation has followed deployment. Looking at renewable energy, on the other hand, the United States hasn’t sufficiently sponsored market development. With a public market for renewable energy, American’s would have the opportunity to invest in a safe and profitable program as opposed to the volatile markets we are faced with today in copious amounts.

Solar power, in its most basic form, is the conversion of sunlight into electricity both actively and passively. Solar energy uses an amalgamation of photovoltaic panels, pumps, and fans to convert sunlight into useful outputs. The actual solar cell is made from a monocrystalline silicon wafer, where silicon is the world’s eighth most common chemical element. Depending on where solar panels are placed will determine...
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