Solar Energy

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Solar energy
Today, people make full use of solar energy and it benefits them a lot, especially in Spain and China. Due to their favorable conditions, solar energy has good practicality. It is much more convenient to use solar energy as people’s main energy resources than other renewable energy. The government gives financial support of solar energy which largely stimulates the growth of renewable energy. In addition, solar energy has a huge amount of influence on people’s life such as their way of living and it varies from country to country. The functions of solar energy are rather wide, including the industry and household. Solar energy is extensively used at present, so it still has a brilliant future. For instance, more and more concentrated solar energy plants will be established in Spain. ) The energy impact of China will be more serious than the impact of the world in the future. The government in China has realized the importance of photovoltaic generation. Due to the lack of supports with key technologies, China has to export quartz sand and purchase pure crystal silicon at the price of tens of US dollars per kilogram.Many major technologies will be applied to solar energy in China.

Human beings may face the problems of the lack of energy and environmental pollution. Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy which means that it can be used as long as humans can and it has little pollution. People should try their best to expand the use of solar energy and to relieve the energy problems. If they use fossil fuels, fossil fuels will release carbon dioxide and some other polluting gas and humans cannot use them forever due to the limited resources. People should promote solar consumption with joint efforts instead of non-renewable energy.
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