Solar Energy

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Solar energy
What is solar energy?
Solar Energy is the energy received from the sun that sustains life on earth. For many decades solar energy has been considered as a huge source of energy and also an economical source of energy because it is freely available. However, it is only now after years of research that technology has made it possible to harness solar energy. About Solar Energy

India gets more than 5,000 trillion kWh of Solar Energy every year. This much of energy is very high compared to the overall energy requirement and consumption in the country.

Solar Energy Facts
On a surface on the Earth’s orbit, normal to the sun, solar radiation hits at the rate of 1,366 Watt Per Meter Square. This is known as solar constant. While 19% of this energy gets absorbed in the atmosphere, 35% gets reflected by clouds. So, the solar energy that reaches sea level is much reduced. In the last few years, the cost of manufacturing of photovoltaic cells has gone down by as much as 5% in a year and the percentage of government subsidies have gone up. This means that every year, it is becoming more and more affordable to use Solar Energy. In 2004, the global solar cell production increased by as much as 60%. The amount of energy released by a single Kilo Watt of solar energy unit is equivalent to burning as much as 76 Kg of coal that releases over 135 Kg of carbon dioxide. As per energy industry giant, Shell more than 50% of the global energy in 2040 is going to be in the form of renewable energy.
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