Solar Energy

Topics: Fossil fuel, World energy resources and consumption, Wind power Pages: 5 (1929 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Community Solar Energy
Alternative energy resources are being closely evaluated because of the depletion of nonrenewable resources, such as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels and other nonrenewable resources have damaged earth because of the amount of pollution that is released some, in which is known as Carbon Dioxide. Massive amounts of Carbon Dioxide are that is released into our environment every year further damaging our planet. Scientist has been effectively working on ways of conserving energy that is also affordable and renewable. Alternative energy sources that are also renewable are considered a ‘free’ energy source and can greatly reduce the amount carbon emissions released into the environment. ‘Free’ energy sources such as, Biomass Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy and Hydroelectric Energy are all vital ways of creating a ‘free’ way of producing energy (Davison, 2012). Solar energy has surpassed and outstood them all by becoming the most resourceful and efficient method renewable energy to date. Fossil fuels are considered a nonrenewable source even though our environment creates it. Fossil fuels take millions of years to form and our reserves are being depleted. There are more being taking from our resources than what is going in back in. According to the US Every Information Administration (EIA), “fossil fuels meet around 82 percent of the U.S. Energy demand” (Institute for Energy Research, 2012). Furthermore makes it the leading consumer product globally, and is one of the harshest on the planet by letting an extreme amount of pollution into the environment. Because of its high demand globally, “78% of our electrical energy needs are met by fossil fuels and nuclear energy” (Quantum Solar Power, 2012). Nonrenewable energy resources are created from fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas. These resources are not only difficult and dangerous to retrieve but also expensive as well. Coal in comparison with oil and natural gas is the most difficult. “Coal is a combustible material that comes from the earth and is obtained from mining” (Oracle ThinkQuest, 2010). Oil and the natural gas are slightly less difficult because a hole can be dug and then pumped from the top surface versus coal where deep mining and dangerous digging is required. Besides the personal dangers that come with obtaining these nonrenewable resources, a significant higher rate of pollution is released into our atmosphere, and the expense of these products are with out a doubt overwhelming to our pocket books. The pollution released into our environment runs in high numbers so much so that “nuclear energy results in up to 25 times more carbon emission than that of wind energy” (Quantum Solar Power, 2012). In a report done by The National Academies on the “unpriced negative consequences of energy produced showed, the external effects of coal, natural gas and nuclear electrical production add up to $120 billion in the US alone” (2012). Replacing the harmful impacts of these pollutants is apparent. By identifying solutions with suitable earth friendly products, then development of these products and finally implementing them is vital to our earth’s health. As discussed earlier there are several methods of renewable resources including Biomass energy, Wind energy, Geothermal Energy, Hydroelectric Energy but none in which have the impact that solar energy has. Solar energy has the ability to create energy that would also reduce the “terawatt demand for energy, potentially as much as 68%” (2012). Estimates from solar energy usage discuss a minimum of 580 terawatts of potential available solar energy. Numbers such as these predict the demand of global energy to exceed more that 20 times (2012). Solar power is generated is several ways, but “current researches and markets have shown that Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is the fastest growing and the most promising form of renewable energy used in generating electricity” (2011,...
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