Solar Cars

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  • Published : September 21, 2009
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‘ Golden rays ready to replace Black Gold’.
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*Course: Entrepreneurship* (LB5207).
Topic: Solar cars- Golden rays ready to replace Black Gold. With the fuel crisis seen in the last decade and the current gasoline prices at an all time high there was need for a renewable source of energy that was more affordable and eco-friendly. Solar energy was the perfect answer. Almost all energy on Earth comes from the sun. The Solar technology aims at converting the Sun’s light energy into a direct current which can be stored and used as electrical energy. Various applications of the Solar energy such as the solar calculators, solar water-heaters, solar cookers, solar vehicles. The solar cars are currently being developed in conjunction with automobile manufacturers to revolutionize the resources available for personal and mass transportation. Various countries and different companies have started projects for the development and use of solar cars. For example the Swiss based project called ‘Solartxi’ aims at building an everyday use solar car that can be produced for 6000 Euro SWOT Analysis

Solar energy unlike fossil fuels is an inexhaustible source of energy, hence it can be renewed. Hence this can help us overcome our dependence on gasoline. Solar energy is a natural source of energy and hence is pollution free. The Solar cars do not emit harmful gases like Carbon monoxide and sulphur, which can thus help to reduce the green house effect which in turn can reduce the problem of Global warming facing our planet. The production of electricity from solar panels is a completely silent process and does not involve the use of noisy diesel or gas motors. Hence the use of solar cars can reduce Noise pollution significantly. Solar panels mounted on the roof of solar cars have a long operational life and most manufactures warrantee their solar panels for 20 years. Also once...
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